12 Novemver 2018


Bob Goldstein and colleagues just published a wonderful open access Cold Spring Harbor Protocols issue summarizing the available toolkit for tardigrades (Hypsibius exemplaris). Check it out!

12 November 2018

Emerging Model Systems at ASCB | EMBO 2018 Meeting

Organized by Mansi Srivastava & Bob Goldstein, the special interest subgroup Emerging Model Systems is again represented at this year´s ASCB | EMBO Meeting held in San Diego from December 8-12. A great line of topics and speakers, ranging from Arash Komeilo (Berkeley) talking about organelle biology in bacteria, Anne Brunet (Stanford) explaining aging and diapause in killifish to the analysis of host-microbe interaction in the Hawaiian bobtail squid presented by Spencer Nyholm (University of Connecticut) will bring the session to live on Saturday, December 8th.

19 December 2017

Press note from Moore

2 December 2017

ASCB Meeting 2017

At the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, one of the largest meetings focusing on advances in cell biology, various emerging models and latest findings were featured in a dedicated session.

29 June 2017

BMC Biology publishes an article about ‘Non-model model organisms’

In this forum, fourteen rising emerging models are highlighted including single and multicellular plant and animal systems. For each system, the questions addressed as well as the challenges and future potential are presented and discussed.

14 September 2016

The Future of Cell Biology: Emerging Model Organisms

In a Special Issue in Trends in Cell Biology Bob Goldstein & Nicole King talk about the opportunities opening up with expanding the number and variety of model systems used in biology and outline the potential of emerging models for shaping future directions in cell biology.